Second WFTF Rally Report, Heflin, AL

The second WFTF training event was held in Heflin on the weekend of the 23rdthrough 25thof March. Eighteen shooters participated over various days.

The event was a training forum for WFTF shooters. Two full courses of 25 lanes were set up on the Heflin courses, with seven of those lanes set up as an open field training environment directly behind the sight in range.

The rally is intended to be a two-day event. Shooters can show up Saturday morning and sight in their rifles from 8 am until the 9:30 am shooters meeting. The Saturday shoot starts at 10 am and goes until people have had enough. You’re free to use timers, or not, and to take any additional shots that might add to your learning experience. We do ask shooters to count only their first two scoring shots and it’s up to the shooters to be honest about it.

The Sunday shoot is also un-marshalled. It starts at 9 am and is planned as a timed match without additional training shooting, however it’s up to the shooters to keep up a reasonable match pace. The Sunday match should finish up about 1 pm, allowing out of town shooters time to get home so they don’t miss work on Monday.

We had a sight in range set up Friday morning for those flying in to be able to spend some time with their rifles to work out any travel gremlins, and a Silhouette shoot was scheduled for 1 pm on Friday.

March was chosen as it is usually fairly windy in Heflin ad the leaves haven’t budded out on the trees yet. The only real wind we saw was on Wednesday when we were setting up the courses. As a result, the courses were easier than they should have been, and they were significantly easier than the Ashland event.

Brad Troyer watered our eyes with his TX 200 Mk I. He logged the event top score of 92/100 with a spring gun. (SteveE shot  the Yellow on Friday, but couldn’t attend Saturday or Sunday.)

DougV sporting a confident air.

Text Box: Player Division Sat BLK Sun YLW Total BradT Piston 45 47 92 KenH PCP 42 47 89 MikeN PCP 42 44 86 DannyA PCP 41 45 86 RonB PCP 38 45 83 DougV PCP 37 43 80 KeithK PCP 40 37 77 RobS PCP 38 39 77 DaveS PCP 34 39 73 ChrisC PCP 33 39 72 CurtH PCP 31 34 65 AlanO PCP 21 21 42 MikeS PCP 37 DNF1 ScottA PCP 28 DNF1 GeraldL PCP 35 DNF1 RodB PCP 37 DNF1 SteveE PCP









MikeS takes aim. That’s MikeN’s Curiosity Rover in the foreground.








Group Photo

I hate to admit it, but we forgot about this until after the match Sunday. Below please find a piccy of all the Counts and no-accounts we could gather up after the match.

Miscellaneous Off Course Activities

Man does not live by FT alone, so we offer up a couple photos of the “other stuff”.

Steakhouse Libations. ( Can anyone see AlanO’s subliminal message?)
GeraldL getting his “Birthday Sombrero” at Vallarta. ( Da big “Six-Oh”.)











 None of this would have happened without help.

We’d like to thank Libertyman for allowing us the use of his targets as well as assistance in getting approval to use the facilities.

ChrisC from the Tar Heel Airgun Club also lent targets as well as showed up early to help set up the courses.

ScottA, another Tar Heeler, drafted our Release of Liability  and provide scorecards printed on waterproof paper. (We were expecting to shoot in the rain Sunday, but it didn’t happen.)

AlanO drove three days from southern Kalifornia & showed up with his tools ready to go to work on Wednesday. Alan also bailed us out in Ashland by pitching in. We’re trying to bring him on as an investor, but he’s stand-offish for some reason. LOL

MikeS also drove out early to help out. We all put in a long day on Thursday in order to get the courses ready. There were some tired faces toward the end of the day. (Running strings is not a lot of fun.)

To all those who participated we extend our gratitude. No one wants to throw a party & nobody comes.

See you out there,

Keith & Mike