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Selection Criteria for WFTF Team

Postby Leo Duran » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:25 pm

For all WFTF’ers,

This is the criteria that are presently being used to qualify Team USA members for World’s participation. It is criteria based, so if a shooter meets criteria #1 he/she is qualified, then those that meet criteria #2, and so on. In the case of a tie, the shooter meeting the criteria most recently would qualify first. The shooter must shoot in WFTF to qualify (exception, committee selection).

At present, there are 8 PCP spots and 6 Springer spots. That could be decreased as we now have 40 countries in the WFTF and have been adding about 2 per year.

1. Top 10 in one of last 4 Worlds
2. Top 5 in one of last 3 US Nationals
3. Top 20 *last 3 Worlds
4. Top 10 *last 3 Nationals
5. Committee selection (a committee appointed by AAFTA may select a shooter who does not qualify under the above criteria, based on past performance, experience, or success in a related division)
6. Top 20 finish *last 4 Worlds
7. Top10 finish *last 3 US Nationals
8. Top 5 in *last 2 US Grand Prix finals
9. Committee selection
10. Top 30 finish *last 4 Worlds
11. Top 15 *last 3 US Nationals
12. Top 10 *last 3 Grand Prix finals
13. Top 40 *last 3 Worlds
14. Top 20 *last 4 US Nationals
15. Top 15 last 4 Grand Prix finals = one of